Linguistic versions of CIVIQ-20

Conditions to fulfill before using CIVIQ

No reproduction (even partial) of CIVIQ can be performed without SERVIER’s agreement.

You will make no commercial use of CIVIQ. You have no copyright on the original CIVIQ Questionnaire, nor do you have a copyright on the newly linguistically validated translations.

Any publication involving the CIVIQ should include the following note: “This questionnaire was developed by Prof LAUNOIS with an educational grant from SERVIER”

Language Country Methodology Download
English UK “forward-backward” validation  
English USA “forward-backward” validation  
English Canada “forward-backward” validation  
English India Translation  
English Singapore “forward-backward” validation  
Arabic Egypt Translation  
Chinese China Translation  
Croatian Croatia “forward-backward” validation  
Czech Czech Republic Translation  
Dutch The Netherlands “forward-backward” validation  
French Canada “forward-backward” validation  
French France source questionnaire Refer to:
Qual Life Res 1996; 5: 539-544.
French Switzerland Translation  
German Austria “forward-backward” validation  
Greek Greece “forward-backward” validation  
Hungarian Hungary “forward-backward” validation  
Italian Italy “forward-backward” validation  
Japanese Japan Translation  
Norvegian Norway Translation  
Polish Poland “forward-backward” validation  
Portuguese Brazil “forward-backward” validation  
Portuguese Portugal “forward-backward” validation  
Portuguese Brazil Translation  
Romanian Romania “forward-backward” validation  
Russian Russia Translation  
Slovakian Slovak Republic Translation  
Slovenian Slovenia “forward-backward” validation  
Spanish Argentina “forward-backward” validation  
Spanish Spain “forward-backward” validation  
Spanish USA “forward-backward” validation  
Thai Thailand “forward-backward” validation  
Turkish Turkey “forward-backward” validation  
Ukrainian Ukraine Translation  
Vietnamese Vietnam “forward-backward” validation